Estate Planning

At Weigel Fiduciary Asset Management, we encourage your estate plan be reviewed to protect the total value of your estate and to preserve as much of your wealth as possible for your loved ones.

Your estate plan is very important. Dying without an intentional estate plan means your assets will be distributed according to the probate laws in your state. We help by referring you to one of our partner estate planning attorneys to review your circumstances and make recommendations on how to ensure your final requests are met.

Income and estate planning techniques can also preserve capital and respect your charitable giving wishes with family foundations or charitable lead and remainder trusts. Transferring assets to heirs takes thoughtful planning and legal professional assistance; we can guide you in the right direction to make sure your estate plan is sound.

*Estate planning is related to avoiding probate costs; your personal estate situation may need an attorney and therefore should seek consultative advice from your legal professional before making decisions.