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WeigelFAM – Internal Group

David W. Weigel, CFP® CPM®

Principal & Chief Investment Officer

David W. Weigel, CFP® CPM® is the Founder & Principal of Weigel Fiduciary Asset Management LLC (WeigelFAM), an Independent Registered Investment Advisory firm (RIA) located in the Financial District of NYC. David leads the financial planning, research/analysis and asset management services of the company, with 25 years of experience at some of the largest and well-known Investment & Wealth Management firms on the planet. He holds both the Certified Financial Planners TM (2011) as well as the Certified Portfolio Managers designations (2017). The latter of which he earned Salutatorian of his graduating class of the program run by SS&C and Columbia University Graduate School of Financial Engineering. He also holds a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration from The College of New Jersey (1994).

David prides himself on the depth of his client relationships, the competencies he’s been able to bring to their complex financial lives and the vigor with which he aims to succeed for all of them. It is not uncommon for David to be managing 90%+ of a client’s entire liquid net worth. It is also not uncommon for David to be managing multiple members of a given family’s accounts over time. David has lived and worked in the Wall St. area of NYC for most of his adult life. As much as he loves what he does for a living, nothing makes him happier than spending time with his 2 children Marquesa, 11 and Evo, 9.