Corporate Retirement Services

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At Weigel Fiduciary Asset Management, our goal is to help you manage a successful and cost-effective retirement plan that helps you attract and retain valuable employees and helps prepare them for life in retirement. You can rely on our experienced advisors to:

  • Understand the complex retirement plan marketplace
  • Consistently track industry trends
  • Continually educate ourselves and our clients on the latest legal and regulatory standards
  • Strive to consistently place the best interests of your plan and its participants first

Retirement Plan Consulting Services

We address your needs across all aspects of plan operations—including plan conversion, service provider changes, investment menu updates, vendor benchmarking and employee communications. And we meet the needs of participants by providing plan enrollment and 401(k) rollover assistance, objective insights on investment allocations, and ongoing employee education.

Plan Search Support/Vendor Analysis

We can assist you with the preparation, distribution and evaluation of Request for Proposals, finalist interviews, and conversion support.

  • We are both vendor and investment neutral which allows us to act as true independent consultants.
  • We work with industry-leading retirement plan services providers and plan administrators to help meet a broad range of retirement plan needs.

Benchmarking Services

We provide you with comparisons of Plan data (e.g., regarding fees and services and participant enrollment and contributions) from the Plan’s prior years and/or a benchmark group of similar plans. With access to sophisticated investment tools and objective research, we are able to examine a broad range of providers and generate detailed reporting and comparisons.

Assistance Identifying Plan Fees

We help you identify fees and other costs borne by the Plan for investment management, recordkeeping, participant education, participant communication and/or other services provided with respect to the Plan.

Our comprehensive Retirement Plan Consulting Services include:

  • Assistance with Investment Policy Statement preparation and review
  • Investment Monitoring and Recommendations
  • Changes in Investment Options
  • Qualified Default Investment Alternative
  • Performance Reports
  • Plan Search Support/Vendor Analysis
  • Benchmarking Services
  • Identifying Plan Fees
  • Plan Committee Education
  • Plan Participant Enrollment and Education
  • 404(c) Assistance