WeigelFAM - Advisory Board

Dr. Vincent Carbonell Esq. - Board Member of New York Law
Entrepreneurial Business Law Expert
Steven Krause - Chief Operating Officer – Community Service Society
Large organization operations expert
Paul Doocy – Managing Director Co-Head of Real Estate - HQ Capital
25+ year experience building and managing private real estate RIA that has invested $14.9B in US Real Estate since 1989
Jody Shelby – Owner/Principal of Solidus Advisors – MSW LCSW –
Licensed Psychotherapist – filtering emotion from decision making expertise
Eric Coleman – Retired Principal of Professional Employer Organization
Took company from start-up to to 65m in Rev. Expertise as a change agent

Advisory Council Members

The above-referenced persons are independent of and not employed by Weigel FAM. Nonetheless, certain Advisory Council members may be clients of the firm. As members of Weigel FAM’s Advisory Council, they receive access to certain information about the firm’s business and are invited to provide input regarding the firm’s business. Nonetheless, although Advisory Council members may influence decision-making of Weigel FAM’s management, such Advisory Council members do not have a vote on any decisions impacting the firm’s business and are not compensated for their service.